busy mixing

Busy Mixing


Healthy Easy Recipes For Busy People Who Love to Cook


I've often found simple tips can help you in the kitchen and make your busy life less complicated (well at least the cooking part).  Below is my tips which save me time in the kitchen.  

Get Organised

Having an organised kitchen means you can find things in a hurry and know at a glance when stocks are running low.  My top tips for getting organised includes:

   · Organise your pantry - Store all your goods in stackable clear containers.  Label                      

     them facing outwards so you can see what is what, and stick barcodes from the

     packets on each container so you can quickly scan it to add to your shopping list

     when its running low.

   · Organize your fridge - Organise the food in your fridge so you can see it all at a

     glace.  Remove shelves or dividers that hide food and store in clear stackable


   · Organise your favorite recipes - Collect all your favorite recipes into one folder.  

     Separate into meal types so you can quickly flip through and decide what to cook.  

     It's better than having to sort through multiple different recipe books.

   · Organise your meals through meal planning - Have a meal plan whiteboard where

     you can plan your meals for the week.  It makes your shopping trips so much

     easier and allows other in the family to start dinner if you going to be late home

     because they know what to cook.

   · Pre prepare your food when you have more time - When I come home from

     grocery shopping I prepare all my fruit and vegies before putting them in the fridge.  

     The beans are washed, topped and tailed, the capsicum chopped up, the broccoli     

     washed and chopped, garlic peeled etc.  This not only means its easier to store,

     but when your in a hurry there is less prep work as half of it is already done.

   · Cook in bulk and freeze extra food - If your cooking rice or pasta, make more than

     you need and freeze the left overs in meal sizes containers.

Get Simple

When you are your organising your pantry think about simplifying it.

   · Since Baking Powder and Baking Soda do similar things do you really need both?

   · If you buy garlic and ginger already crushed in a jar its always ready to use.

   · Don't be afraid to swap ingredients on a recipe from ones you don't have to those

     you do, rather than heading out to buy something else.  For example, often you can

     swap beef stock for chicken, stock powder and water for liquid chicken stock, ham

     for bacon etc.

   · If a recipe has a step in it you don't think is necessary skip it.  You'd be surprised

     how often I do this and it seems to make no difference to the outcome.  It saves me

     a heap of time.  The perfect example is many Thermo machine recipes require you

     to add ingredients in the same order which you would if you were hand making     

     (e.g. rub in butter and flour then add wet ingredients). Because Thermo Machines

     are so great at mixing this is an unnecessary step so I usually throw everything in

     at once.

Get Smart

I like having appliances as they make my life easier and allow me to cook things I would otherwise just not have the time to cook (like fresh pasta).

To be smart make sure you make the best use of your appliances.  Have those which are multi-functions so you don't have too many taking up room.  A Thermo cooker is a perfect examples as it cooks and chops. Likewise a pressure cooker that also sears and slow cooks means you only need one appliance rather than three.

A dehydrator is amazing.  You can pre prepare a number of things and dehydrate them.  They keep for a very long time if stored properly and take up a lot less space. I dehydrate lots of powders, vegies, pumpkin, tomato, its super convenient.  The trick is to dehydrate things in the form you are likely to use them.  

I also see a lot of recipes that don't use the best and easiest appliance for the job.  If you have a recipe that is cooked on the stove and you think it would be better in a thermi don't be afraid to mix it up and give it a try!

Finally I also see a lot of recipes that use the best appliance but don't take advantage of its features.  For example thermo machines have a turbo/pulse button which makes it like a blender.  You can often turbo things for a few seconds which will take less time then setting it for 10 seconds on speed 8.  Obviously don't ever turbo with hot liquds, when your butterfly attachment is in, or when you don't want your ingredients blended.

If you get smart when your cooking you can save a lot of time!


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Tips for Busy Mixers