Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Wok Lemon Chicken and Vegies









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1

•  4 boneless chicken thighs diced

•  2 tbs soy sauce

•  2 tbs white wine vinegar

•  salt and pepper to taste

•  1 tbs oil

Step 2

•  1/2 cup chicken stock

•  1/4 cup lemon juice

•  2 tbs honey

•  1 tsp lemon zest

•  pinch of ground ginger

•  1tbs corn flour

Step 3

•  1 carrot sliced thin

•  1 zucchini sliced thin or handful of green

   beans topped and tailed

•  Combine Step 1 ingredients into a ziplock bag,

   massage and let sit while you do the next step

•  Combine Step 2 ingredients in a bowl

•  Heat wok and add step 1 ingredients from the

   zip lock bag.  Fry until chicken is brown

•  Pour in combined step 2 ingredients, plus step 2  

   ingredients and bring to boil then let simmer for  

   10 minutes.

•  Can be serve with rice or without

Stove Top and Wok

10 mins prep

20 mins ready to eat


Wok Lemon Chicken and Vegies