Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

•  1 tbs oil (any sort)

•  500g (18oz) of meat (pork, beef, chicken, fish, prawns) sliced

   into strips

•  1 onion sliced

•  1 tsp crushed garlic

•  1 tsp crushed ginger

•  Vegetables of your choice chopped thin

   (e.g. carrots, beans, mushrooms)

•  Salt and Pepper to taste

•  2 tbs fish sauce

•  4 tbs soy sauce

•  4 tbs oyster sauce

•  Chilly flakes to taste (optional)

•  Handful of nuts (optional - eg cashews,

   peanuts, sesame seeds)

•  Long life dried noodles or fresh if you have     


•  Boil water in kettle

•  Heat a wok and add oil, meat, onion, garlic and

   ginger. Fry until 1/2 cooked

•  While meat is cooking add noodles to pot of

   boiled water.

•  Add all remaining ingredients except nuts and

   noodles, cook until veggies al dente (don't over

   do it or the meat will become chewy)

•  Add noodles and toss in with meat and vegies

•  Serve with nuts on top

15 minutes prep

15 minutes ready to eat



Whats left in the fridge stirfry

Keep jars of crushed garlic and crushed ginger in the fridge

Cook your pasta in bulk and free in meal size portions to same time

*Optional - Add Raw Vegtable Powder to boost flavour and nutrients