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Vegetarian Stroganoff









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Frypan and steamer pot

10 minutes prep

25 minutes ready to eat

Step 1

•  300g (10.5oz) dried pasta

•  Chopped vegies of your choice (I like

   carrots and broccoli)

Step 2

•  1 tbs butter

•  2 tsp crushed garlic

•  1 brown onion thinly sliced

Step 3

•  1 tbs butter

•  300g button mushrooms sliced

•  1 tsp paprika

Step 4

•  1 tbs lemon juice

•  1/4 cup chicken stock

•  2 tbs tomatoe paste

•  3/4 cup sour cream

•  1/4 cup finely chopped chives

•  Salt and Pepper

•  Raw vegies powder (optional)

Step 5

•  1/4 cup chopped parsley

•  Put water in a steamer pot on high and bring to the

   boil. Then add pasta to boiling water and vegies to

   the steamer basket

•  Heat butter in fry pan and fry garlic and onions until

   soft (approx 5 mins)

•  Add step 3 ingredients and cook until mushrooms

   are soft (approx 2 minutes)

•  Add step 4 ingredients and cook for a further 2


•  Add in cooked and drained pasta and vegies and stir

•  Serve and sprinkle with chopped parsley


Even meat lovers will love this meat free version.  

However if you can't convince them for a non-vegetarian option this can also be served with 400g (14oz) of sliced rump beef or chicken breast.  Just fry it at the same time as the step 1 ingredients

Vegetarian Stroganoff