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Vanilla Essence and Vanilla Powder









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Busy Mixing Tips

Vanilla Essence

5 minutes prep time

1 month ready to eat

Essence: None

Powder: Dehydrator & Food Processor

•  Vodka

•  Used Vanilla Beans you have removed the

   seeds from (or unused split down the middle)

•  Glass jar


•  Place vanilla beans in glass jar

•  Cover with vodka

•  Invert and swirl around every few days

•  Place in the pantry for at least 1 month (2-3 is better)


•  Once essence is ready remove the beans and pat dry

•  Dehydrate at 60C (120F) degrees for 10 hours

•  Remove from dehydrator and pulse in Food

   Processor until you have a fine powder

•  Store powder in airtight container

Unused (new) vanilla beans will give you much thicker essence in a quicker time.  You can put an unused one in with the use one to speed up the process

The powder is great in cakes and smoothies

Make sure you use good quality vanilla beans.  I get mine from Sunshine Vanilla

Dont' waste your used Vanilla Beans anymore!