Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Sneaky Doughnuts









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

•  300g (11oz) plain flour

•  10g (0.5oz) baking powder

•  100g (4oz) butter

•  2 tbs honey

•  2 eggs

•  2 cups milk

•  Spreadable philly cheese

Optional for Chocolate flavour add 30g (1oz) Cocoa

•  Combine all ingredients in thermo except cheese

•  Pulse/turbo 5 seconds

•  Let sit for 5 minus while your iron warms up

•  Fill plate with mixture

•  Cook according to your machines instructions

   (for me its 3 minutes)

• Spread top with philly cheese

   (and sprinkles if you choose)

Sneaky Doughnuts

10 minutes prep

15 minutes ready to eat

Doughnuts maker and

thermo machine or food processor

Depends on size

No Yeast, No waiting

Honey can be replaced with rice malt syrup to be fructose free (you can buy it at Coles or Woolworths in the health food section