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Raw Turmeric Powder









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Busy Mixing Tips

Dehdrator and Food Processor

•  Fresh Turmeric Root

•  Wash, peel and blitz your tumeric in a food processor

•  Dehydrator for 10 hours at 40C Degrees or until dry

•  Blend in food processor until you have a powder


•  Optional - you can place back into the dehydrator for

   an hour if its not toally dry

•  Store in an airtight container

15 minutes prep

10 hours ready to eat

Turmeric is the next super food.  Its supposed to cure everything including cancer and is a proven anti-inflammatory.  Organic Turmeric powder sells for $50 a bottle.  This is so much cheaper and mostly likely better for you as the powder is raw (uncooked) so retains all its goodness.

You could use an oven instead of a dehydrator however it won't be raw and you will need to keep an eye on it so it does not burn.  Cook time will also be much less

Consider using gloves as Turmeric can stain easily.  It might also be a good idea to line your dehydrator or oven with baking paper to avoid staining your trays