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Pork in Apple and Fennel Sauce









Busy Mixing

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30 minutes prep

30 minutes ready to eat

Step 1

•  1 tbs olive oil

•  4 pork fillets

•  1 tsp ground corriander seeds

Step 2

•  1 tbs olive oil

•  1/2 green capsicum diced

•  1/2 red capsicum diced

•  1 red onion diced

•  1 carrot peeled and diced

•  1 apple peeled cored and sliced thin

•  4 tsp garlic crushed

Step 3

•  2 tbs balsamic vinegar

•  400g canned diced tomatoes

•  2 tsp ground fennel seeds *

•  2 tsp ground paprika

•  4 bay leaves

•  salt and pepper to taste

Step 4

•  1/2 cup greek or natural yogurt

•  1 tsp lemon juice

•  Heat large pan on high heat with olive oil.  While the

   pan is heating rub coriander into both sides of the

   pork fillets

•  Once the pan is up to temperature fry the pork for 2

   minutes on each side to sear the meat and then

   remove from the pan and set aside.

•  Add step 2 ingredients and fry for 5 minutes or until

   onion is translucent (keep stirring so they don't burn)

•  Add step 3 ingredients and cook for a further 5

   minutes.  While it is cooking combine step 4

   ingredients in a seperate bowl

•  Add the pork back into the pan for a final few minutes

   until cooked

•  Discard bay leaves and serve pork and sauce with

   yogurt mix drizzled on top


Keep a jar of crushed garlic in the fridge.  It saves time having to peel and crush the garlic

If you don't have a mortor and pessle or dont wan't to grind the fennel seeds you can throw them in whole

Pork in Apple and Fennel Sauce