Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Popcorn Chicken









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

15 minutes prep

30 minutes ready to eat

Step 1 - coating

•  2 tbs salt

•  1 tbs ground or cracked black pepper

•  1.5 tbs dried onion flakes

•  1 tbs dried garlic powder

•  1 tbs dried rosemary

•  1/2 tbs dried basil

•  1/2 tbs paprika

•  1/2 tbs dried oregano

•  1/2 tbs mustard seeds

•  1 tsp dried thyme

•  1 tsp dried tarragon

Step 2

•  350g plain flour

Step 3

•  2 chicken breasts diced into bite sized pieces

•  2 eggs beaten

•  Oil for frying

•  Blend all step 1 ingredients in a blender or

   thermo machine then add flour and blend again

   until combined.  

•  Place coating mixture in large plastic zip lock

   bag with the diced chicken close and shake bag

   until chicken is coated.  

•  Place beaten egg into bowl

•  Remove chicken from bag (leaving coating mix

   in bag) and coat with egg.

•  Replace egg coated chicken pieces back into  

   bag and shake until coated again and then

   remove from bag.

•  Fry chicken in oil shallow pan in batches for

   about 3 minutes per side

•  Drain on paper towel

•  Serve with aioli and salad

Fry pan