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Busy Mixing


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Pesto Chicken Pasta









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Pesto Chicken Pasta

•  Boil water and put on pasta

•  Fry onion, bacon and chicken until chicken starting

   to brown.

•  Add cream and pesto and tomatoes and cook until

   tomatoes soften

•  Drain pasta and place in bowls

•  Serve chicken pesto mix on top of pasta

•  Sprinkle with cheese

15 minutes prep

15 minutes ready to eat


Stove Top

•  ½ onion diced

1 chicken breast sliced

•  2 rashes of bacon diced

•  3 tbs pesto

•  1 cup cream

•  Handful of cherry tomatoes halved

•  Pasta for four people

•  Handful of Parmesan cheese

Keep grated cheese in your fridge.  It means you don't have to grate it when needed

Cook your pasta in bulk and freeze in meal size portions to save time.  If your using precooked and frozen pasta skip step 1 and 4.