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Out the Door Fast Breakfast Smoothy









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Breakfast smoothy
Quick Breakfast Smoothy

2 minutes prep

2 minutes ready to eat


Food Processor

Blitz for 10 seconds

• Drink while running out the door

Out the door breakfast smoothy

•  1 cup milk

•  1 tbs greek yogurt

•  1 raw egg

•  Handful of frozen strawberries

•  Handful of frozen blueberries

•  Sprig of fresh mint

Skip the egg if you dont like raw egg or if your pregnant

NOTE - The FDA recomends against eating raw eggs.  We have our own chickens and the eggs are washed and eaten within a day of laying so I am not worried.  However, if you are worried about raw eggs you can leave these out or purchase egg powder

Make your own yogurt.  Its so easy!