Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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One Pot Chicken Dinner









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1 - Rice

•  1 cup basmati rice

•  2 cups chicken stock (or powder equivalent)

Step 2 - Meat and veg

•  2 chicken breasts

•  Vegetables of your choice sliced thin

   (I use 1 carrot, 1 handful of bean, 1 zucchini)

Step 3 - Sauce

•  2 tsp crushed garlic

•  2 tbs soy sauce

•  4 tbs fish sauce

•  4 tbs oyster sauce

Step 1

•  Place Step 1 ingredients in pressure cooker and set to

   brown/sauté while you prepare the rest of the meal

Step 2

•  Place metal steam rack and steam tray over the rice

   and line steam tray with alfoil to make a parcel to hold

   chicken, vegetables and sauce

•  Place chicken and then vegetables into the alfoil

Step 3

•  Combine Step 3 ingredients then pour over chicken

   and vegetables.  Ensure liquid remains in alfoil parcel.

•  Wrap alfoil parcel loosely up to seal in juices

Step 4

•  Cook for 15 minutes on high with the airlock closed

•  Release pressure, remove chicken and slice

•  To serve drizzle the juices from the alfoil over the meal

5 minutes prep

25 minutes ready to eat


Pressure Cooker

Ont Pot Chicken Dinner

Basmati Rice is lower carbohydrates than long grain rice so it is better for you.  I also find you don't need to bother washing the rice before putting in the PC

If your PC does not have a brown or saute function heat the stock in the microwave or skip this step (skipping will just mean it takes longer to get up to temperature)

If your PC does not have a steam tray or rack you can make an alfoil parcel and place it on top of the rice and stock

Try and chopping the vegies that cook quicker than others a little large so they all come out perfect.  Example chop zucchini large and carrots smaller