Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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One Pot Chicken Alfredo









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Heat oil, brown chicken add garlic.

Add stock, cream and pepper and bring to boil.

•  Reduce to simmer add pasta and cook for 10

   minutes fresh pasta 15 for dried pasta

Turn off heat and stir in cheese and serve with

   parsley on top

One Pot Chicken Alfredo

20 minutes prep

20 minutes ready to eat


Stove Top

1 tbs olive oil (or flavour boost pod)

•  1 chicken breast cubed

•  3 tsp minced garlic

•  1.5 cups chicken stock (or powder equivalent)

•  1 cup cream

•  1 cup fresh penne pasta or ½ cup dried


•  1 cup grated parmesan

•  Parsley to garnish

Optional - add mushrooms, and or bacon, and or veggies

Keep jars of crushed garlic and crushed ginger in the fridge

Keep grated cheese in your fridge.  It means you don't have to grate it when needed

Cook your pasta in bulk and freeze in meal size portions to save time

Optional - Add Raw Vegtable Powder to boost flavour and nutrients