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Home made butter - three ways









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1 - Hard butter

•  500g (18oz) cream

Step 2 - Spreadable butter

•  220g (8oz) freshly made hard butter

•  220g (8oz) oil (not extra virgin olive oil)

•  220g (8oz) water

•  1 tsp pink salt

Step 3 - Garlic butter

•  220g (8 oz) freshly made hard butter

•  2 tbs minced garlic

Hard Butter

•  Place cream in thermo machine with butterfly

   inserted or food processor with whipping blade.

•  Process (on speed 4 for thermo machine or medium

   speed for processor) until cream splits into butter and

   buttermilk (aprox 2-3 mins - but keep an eye on it).

•  Pour off butter milk (keep this for another day it

   makes yummy buttermilk scones)

•  Place butter in a large bowl and "Wash" in icy cold

   water using your hands to massage it until water

   runs off clean.  

•  Store in fridge

Soft Butter

•  Add step two ingredients and blend for 1 minute until

   smooth.  Store in fridge

Garlic Butter

•  Combine step 3 ingredients.  Place on cling film and

   roll into a "log" in cling wrap, placed in the fridge until

   hard (1 hr approx) and then cut into 2 cm slices.

   Store slices in the fridge or freezer.  

Thermomachine or food processor

10 minutes prep

10 minutes ready to eat

220g hard

620g soft

The time it takes for the hard butter to split from the buttermilk varies depending on your cream and its temperature.  Keep an eye on your machine and stop it as soon as the split starts.

For spreadable butter use equal portions of butter, oil and water.  If the cream makes less or more butter than 220g of butter adjust the proportions of water and oil so they are equal to the butter.  

Garlic butter is perfect for garlic bread or frying your favourite vegies

Instead of garlic butter try lemon zest and parsley or basil feta and olives.

Butter will stay ok in the fridge for several months - in the freezer for longer