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Busy Mixing Tips

Fermenting Kit

10 minutes prep

6 weeks ready to eat

•  left over apple cores and peelings

   (no bad bits)

•  water

•  sugar

•  dash of good quality apple cider vinegar

   with mother

•  Mason jar

•  Fermenting weights

•  Pickle Pipes (or cheesecloth)

•  Sterilise glass jar with hot water

•  Place your apple scraps into the glass jar (defrost

   first if frozen)

•  Mix 1 cup water to 1 tbs sugar and pour over apples.  

   Continue until apples are covered. Place

   a weight on top of the apples to ensure they remain

   in the liquid.  Secure Pickle pipes on the jar with

   mason screw lid

  Let it sit at room temperature out of direct sunlight for

   3-4 weeks checking every few days for mould and to

   ensure apples remain submerged.  

•  When you notice dark cloudy substance in the jar

   this is "the mother".  Strain liquid and set aside, then

   discard apples, clean jar and return liquid to jar

   covered with cheese cloth

•  Allow it to rest for 3-4 weeks shaking the jar every

   few days

•  Store in fridge

Throw your apple cores into a bag into the freezer until you have enough to fill a jar

Apple cider vinegar is not only great for cooking with but it reportedly a very healthy tonic that can solve many health problems (I drink some every night).

If you don't have a fermenting kit you can use the following:

instead of a mason jar any glass jar, instead of the weights any heavy nonporous object that will fit in the jar (I have used ceramic sauce dishes), instead of the pickle pipes use cheesecloth secured over the mouth of the jar with an elastic band.  

Masontop Fermenting Kit is the best options I have found It

keeps the oxygen

out and allows the carbon dioxide to escape.

Home Made Apple Cider Vinegar