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Guilt Free Peppermint and Chocolate Bites









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Busy Mixing Tips

Fridge and microwave


•  2 tbs coconut milk powder

•  2 tbs coconut oil

•  1 tsp peppermint essence


•  1/2 cup coconut oil

•  1/2 cup cacoa powder

•  1/2 cup of sugar free smooth peanut butter

•  1/8 cup honey

•  1 tsp vanilla extract

•  Chocolate molds

•  Combine peppermint ingredients in a bowl and put

   in the fridge for a few minutes while you do the next


•  Place chocolate ingredients in separate bowl

   and heat in microwave for 30 seconds on high or

   until melted and then mix with a spoon*


•  Pour half of the chocolate into molds so each

   mold is only half full.

•  Place a small amount of peppermint into each half

   filled chocolate mold.  Try to keep the caramel

   sauce away from the edge of the molds.

•  Pour remaining chocolate into each mold over the

   top of the Carmel sauce so it each mold it full.

•  Place molds in the fridge to set for 30 minutes.

10 minutes prep

40 mins ready to eat

Store in the fridge and eat quickly as they melt at room temperature

While this recipe does have sugar in the form of honey its a very small amount and much less than you would find in commercial chocolate and peppermint.

You can replace the honey with rice malt syrup if you want to remove all fructose but it is less sweet

Check out my Guilt Free Caramel and Chocolate Bites if you love caramel

*If you have a thermo machine you can combine the chocolate ingredients in the thermo for 5 minutes speed 2 90 degrees

You can replace the coconut oil with Cocao butter.  It's harder to find, takes a little longer to melt and tastes stronger and less sweet, but the end result is chocolates that dont melt at room temperature