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Dutch Pea and Ham Soup









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Dutch Pea and Ham Soup

•  1 kg Bacon bones (I use ham hocks with the skin removed)

•  1 500g (17oz) bag green split peas

•  1 leek diced

•   1 bunch of shallots diced

•  1 carrot peeled and diced

•  3 sticks of cellery diced

•  1 large potato peeled and diced

•  Salt and Peper to taste

•  Cover with water

•  1 Rookwurst sausage sliced

    (approx 400g 14oz)

•  Place all ingredients slow cooker except sausage

•  Cook on low for 7.5 hours stirring occasionally

•  Remove ham bones from soup (the meat should have fallen off the bones by now) and add in sausage and cook for a further 1/5 hour on low

•  You can add additional water to adjust the consistently to how you like it before serving

10 minutes prep

8 hours ready to eat

Slow Cooker


Woolworths usually has Rookwurst in the deli section. However it can be hard to find, so if you can't find Rookurst Knackwurst will also work.  

Don't be tempted to put the sausage in with the rest of the ingredients.  Its not nice when over cooked.