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Busy Mixing Tips

•  Easiyo yogurt mini 1/2 Litre container

•  Boiling water

•  50g (2oz) good quality natural or greek

   yogurt with live cultures

•  30g (1oz) full cream milk powder

•  50g (2oz) custard powder

•  2-4 tbs honey (optional)

•  Full cream milk approx 300ml (10 ounces)

•  Boil water and pour into Easiyo thermos to the "fill

   here mark".

•  Place remaining ingredients into the Easiyo yogurt

   container then fill to the fill line with milk, screw on

   the lid and shake for 15 seconds until it is all


•  Place yogurt container into the Easiyo thermos and

   put on the lid.  

•  Let it sit for 12 hours

•  Put in the fridge for 3 hours

•  Make sure you save some of your new yogurt to

   seed the next batch

Note - the video above does not have custard or honey being added as its to make the standard greek yogurt.

For Natural Yogurt recipe click here.

2 minutes prep

15 hours ready to eat


Easiyo Yogurt Thermos, kettle and Fridge

if you have a 1 Litre easiyo container just double the ingredients

I don't use honey in my recipe but if your family has a sweet tooth you may want to add the honey as without it this recipe has more of a natural greek yogurt sweetnes. Start with 2 tbs then taste once combined and decide if it needs more.

Yogurt can be kept fresh in the fridge for 2 weeks

You can buy Easiyo from Coles and Woolies (if your in Australia) or the Easiyo Website (I'm not affiliated with them in anyway).

You can use flavoured yogurt as a starter however unless you add additional flavours the new yogurt will not have much of a flavour.

If your yogurt does not set it is likely your starter yogurt cultures are not good.  Try again with a different yogurt

Custard Yogurt