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Busy Mixing


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Creamy Chicken with Zoodels









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1

•  1 tbs oil

•  4 chicken thighs diced

•  1 onion diced

•  3 tbs crushed garlic

Step 2

•  1/2 cup white wine

•  1/2 cup chicken stock

•  400g can chopped tomatoes

•  2 tbs tomato paste

•  Pepper to taste

•  1 tbs dried oregano

Step 3

•  2 zucchini made into spaghetti with spiral cutter (zoodles)

•  2 tbs butter

Step 4

•  250g cream cheese

10 minutes prep

30 minutes ready to eat


Frypan x 2 and spiral cutter

•  Fry step 1 ingredients on medium heat in a pan

   until onions are translucent

•  Add step 2 ingredients and reduce to a low heat.  

   Cook for 20 minutes

•  When chicken has 5 minutes remaining cooking  

   fry step 3 ingredients in separate pan for 3-5


•  Add step four to pan with chicken, stir and turn

   off heat.  

•  Serve chicken on top of zoodles

If you don't have a spiral cutter slice the zucchini into thin match sticks

You can also substitute the zuccini for any type of pasta

Creamy Chicken with Zoodles