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Chicken Stock Powder









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Chicken Stock Powder

15 mins prep

1-2 days ready to eat


Thermo Machine and Dehydrator

Make stock paste

    •   Place chicken in thermo, pulse/turbo until minced

    •   Add vegies pluse/turbo until chopped

    •   Add remaining ingredients

    •   Cook varoma temp (ST for Bellini), speed 2, 20 mins

    •   Pulse/turbo speed 10, 1 minute (careful its hot)

Dehydrate paste

    •  Spread paste on a silicon mat thinly on your

       dehydrator sheet. Make sure to rough it up with a fork  

       so there is lots of surface area.

    •  Dehydrate on 70C (160F) degrees until it is fully dry

Blend paste

    •  Transfer dried paste to thermo and pulse/turbo

       for 10 seconds

Credits: Recipe to make stock paste comes from the vorwek recipe community

•  300g (11oz) raw chicken thighs or breasts

•  300g (11oz) of vegetables of your choice

   (eg leek, carrots, garlic, celery)

• 150g (5oz) coarse sea salt

• 1 bay leaf

•  50g (2oz) white wine

•  1 clove

•  ½ tsp ground coriander

•  few sprigs of fresh herbs

   (eg rosemary, thyme parsley)

Add 1-2 tbs to 500g (18oz) of water to make chicken stock liquid

Can also be used as a rub or marinade or to sprinkle over pasta or chips or in dishes to boost flavour

If you don't own a Thermo machine you can cook on the stove then blend the stock in a blender before dehydrating

If you don't have a dehydrator you can use the lowest setting on your oven.  Times will vary depending on the temperature