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Candied Lemon Flu Fighter Tea









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Candied Lemon Flue Fighter Tea

  Place all ingredients together and marinate for a

   few days in the fridge

  Remove lemon slices from marinade and place on


  Dehydrate at 40C (100F) Degrees until dry

   (took 24 hours for me and its like a candied orange

   when its done)

  Store in an airtight container

  When you feel a cold coming on place a small

   handful of the lemons in the bottom of a mug and

   pour hot water over. Let it steep for 2 minutes and

   stir before drinking

•  2 lemons sliced

•  2 tsp ginger crushed

•  1 tbs turmeric powder

•  1 cup honey

15 minutes prep

3 days ready to eat

Dehydrator and fridge

If you don't have a dehydrator you can use the lowest setting on your oven.  Times will vary depending on the temperature