Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Beef Stoganoff Two Ways









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

•  500g (18oz) rump steak

•  1 onion peeled and quartered

•  2 tbsp butter

•  500g (18oz) mushrooms

•  2 tsp paprika

•  1 tbs tomato paste

•  Salt and Pepper to taste

•  Campbell’s condensed cream of

   mushroom soup 420g can

•  optional 1 beef flavour boost pod

•  pasta to serve

Fast Option:

•  Onion, butter pulse 10 seconds, cook 4

   minutes speed 1, 100C (212F) degrees

•  Insert butterfly, add beef & soup cook 15

   minutes, 100 degrees, speed 1

•  Add remaining ingredients cook 10 minutes,

   100C (212F) degrees, speed 1 for Bellini

   (reverse and soft speed for thermomiz), MC off

•  Serve with Pasta


Slow Option:

• Dice onions

• Place all ingredients in slow cooker

• Cook on low for 6 hours

•  Serve with Pasta

10 mins prep

Fast: 30 mins ready to eat

Slow: 6hrs ready to eat

4 - 6

Option 1: Thermo Machine

Option 2: Slow Cooker

Beef Stoganoff Two Ways

Cook your pasta in bulk and freeze in meal size portions to save time

Optional - Add Raw Vegtable Powder to boost flavour and nutrients