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Apple Rollups









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Busy Mixing Tips

Thermomix and Dehydrator

10 minutes prep

12 hrs ready to eat

Step 1

•  4 apples peeled and cored

•  1 tsp cinnamon

•  1 tbs honey or rice malt syrup

•  Place all ingredients in thermo machine and turbo for

   15 seconds  

•  Remove bowl and scrape mixture off the sides of the


•  Cook 100C (212F) Degrees, speed 1 for 10 minutes

•  Place baking paper on dehydrator tray and spread

   mixture evenly onto baking paper

•  Dehydrate for 10 - 12 hours on 70 (158F) degrees

•  Remove baking paper and cut into easy sized strips

   with apple mixture still on the paper.  Roll each strip

   into rolls.

• Store in air tight container in the fridge

If you don't have a thermo machine you can place the apple mixture into a food processor then cook in a pan for 10 minutes on low, stiring constantly.  

If you don't have a dehydrator you can place mixture on baking paper in the oven on its lowest setting.  It will take less time than the dehydrator however you will need to keep an eye on it so it does not burn

Apple rollups