Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Low Sugar Unicorn CheeseCake









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1 - Base

•  1 cup almond meal

•  14 pitted dates

•  1/2 cup dried coconut

Step 2 - Filling

•  440g (15oz) cream cheese

•  2 cups cream

•  1/2 cup honey or rice malt syrup

•  Food dye 4 separate colors

Step 3 - Topping

•  handful of sprinkles of your choice

•  Combine Step 1 ingredients in blender or thermo

   machine and place in a lined cake tray pressing down

   firmly with the back of a spoon and wipe out the bowl

•  Combine Step 2 ingredients in the blender/thermo

•  Divide step 2 mixture into four separate bowls and

   add three drops of the same food dye to each bowl

   and mix

•  Dollop the different colors of filling radnomly around

   the cake tray base and then spread the top smooth

   with the back of a spoon

•  Cover the top with sprinkles

•  Place in the fridge for 6 hours to set

15 minutes prep

6 hrs ready to eat


Blender or Therm Machine and


If you can find sprinkles that have no sugar in them that's even better but I don't like your chances.  You could also replaced the sprinkles with crushed peanuts or sliced almonds

If you don't have rice malt syrup you can use honey, but your sugar content will be higher

Low Sugar Unicorn Cheesecake