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Leftover Special Fried Rice









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Leftover Special Fried Rice

•  2 eggs beaten

•  1 onion diced

•  1 tbs olive

•  400g left over cooked roast/ham/ turkey/

   prawns diced into bite sized pieces

•  1/2 cup frozen peas

•  1 carrot diced small

•  500g cooked rice to serve

•  1/4 cup soy sauce

•  Ketchup manis to serve



15 minutes prep

15 minutes ready to eat

Fry pan

•  Fry and scramble eggs on hot pan and then set aside

•  Fry onions until soft then add meat, peas and carrot

   and fry on medium heat for approx 5 minutes until

   carrot is cooked

•  Add in rice and soy sauce and combine well

•  Return eggs and mix roughly

•  Serve with ketchup manis drizzled on top (optional)

This meal makes great leftover lunch for the next day which is why I always make enough to feed 6

Save time and bulk cook your rice so you don't have to cook it when your in a hurry.