Busy Mixing

Busy Mixing


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Creamy Tomato Crispy Chicken









Busy Mixing

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Busy Mixing Tips

Step 1

•  2 tbs plain flour

•  2 tbs grated parmesan

•  1 tsp salt

•  Pepper to taste

•  4 chicken thighs

•  1 tbs oil

Step 2

•  2 tbs butter

•  2 tbs minced garlic

•  1 cup sliced mushrooms

•  1/2 cup tomatoes (sundried or dehydrated

   are best but fresh will also work)

Step 3

•  2 cups cream

•  1 cup parmesan cheese grated

•  1 tsp mixed herbs

•  Put step 1 ingredients except oil into a zip lock bag

   and shake until chicken is coated. Remove chicken

   and set aside remainder of bag

•   Heat oil in frypan and cook until chicken is crispy

   on both sides (approx 5 minutes per side).  Then

   remove and set aside

•   Add Step 2 ingredients to pay and fry until

   mushrooms are soft

•   Add step 3 ingredients and bag of flour and

   cheese.  Stir until sauce thickens.

•   Serve sauce with chicken on top

30 minutes prep

30 minutes ready to eat



Creamy Tomato Crispy Chicken