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Busy Mixing


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Busy Mixing

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•  Large glass bowl

•  Spatula

•  Safety glasses

•  Long sleeves and gloves

•  Stick Blender

•  Mold

•  Vinegar

Step 1

•  178g water

•  137g caustic soda (lye)

Step 2

•  468g coconut oil (melted)

Step 3

•  10 drops of your choice of essential oils.     

    I like lavender, orange or frankinscense

•  Soap colour (optional)

10 minutes prep

4 weeks ready to use


Stick Blender

•  Make sure you wear your safety gear and do this

   outside or in a well ventilated area away from

   children and pets as it can splash.

•  Pre measure and get out all ingredients

•  Add lye to water slowly in bowl and mix with

   spoon (not the other way around).  This mixture

   will general heat quickly

•  Wait 5 minutes until mixture is clear

•  Add to coconut oil to mix and stir for a few

   minutes with a spoon

•  Then use a hand blender to mix until mixture is

   cake batter consistency.  Try not to introduce any

   air into the mixture

•  Add essential oil and colour and mix until


•  Pour into mold  

•  Cure for 4 weeks in a ventilated area

   If your mold requires the soap to be cut its best

   to do this at 24 hours.  After that the soap

   becomes hard to cut

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