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I am busy, but lets face it - who isn't.  I have a job working as a lawyer 30 hours a week, help my husband run his custom design jewellery business, a three year old daughter, three older step kids that live with us part time, a dog, three chickens, a fish tank full of fish, and a tropical garden that needs lots of work.  On top of that I love to cook and I like to know that the food my family is eating is healthy and free of nasty things so I cook most of it from scratch.

Over the years as I've tried to fit all of these things into my life I've found myself often finding recipes to try and then re-writing to simplify them by taking out steps, swaping ingredients with those I can easily source, changing the order of steps, or using different appliances to make the cooking quicker and more enjoyable.

As I joined Facebook groups in search for more recipes to try I began to discover that many other people also get frustrated trying to find time to cook.  I also found people would often not attempt recipes if they felt they were too complicated or took to long.  I began to realise my efforts to simplify recipes might be useful to others so created the Busy Mixing Facebook page.  When the numbers on the page hit 1,000 members in 6 weeks I realised I needed a website to store all the recipes and this site was born.  


This site has lots of no nonsense simple, healthy recipes, which you can make for your family.  Recipes are designed so that preparation time (time you have to spend in the kitchen doing something) is usually 15 minutes or less (and never more than 30 minutes).  

My recipes don't have long lengthy explanations as to why the recipe was created. You won't find clever chefy time-consuming techniques, or multiple action shots of the cooking in process.  I know you are all busy and you just want what to know what you need and what to do asap, and you want the result to be yummy healthy food that your family will love.   My wish is that this website will do that for you. But most of all I hope it inspires you to do more of the cooking you love and find the time to fit it into your busy lives.

Recipes on this site can be found in the following categories:

* Meal by type

* Meal by time it takes to cook

* Meal by appliance used

* Meal by Main Ingredient

Also don't forget to check out our Tips page which has lots of great ideas on how to save you time in the kitchen

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My name is Kelly Frampton creator of Busy Mixing.  I live in Brisbane Australia with my family.  I am passionate about cooking healthy meals for my family and try to reduce the amount of sugar and nasties in our home made food.  While I do occassionally indulge I believe if you eat healthy 90% of the time you are doing really well.

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